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Welcome to BzzAmore

Welcome to our small bzzness!

BzzAmore is a family run venture with our own unique flavoured, hand-made spreads.

We call this buttery spread "churn" as a play on churning butter. 

Our idea & original flavour being our Cinnamon Spread, since Imperial stopped making their spread.

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BzzAmore products and product lines will be added as we mature, including seasonal

LTO (limited time offers) flavours and our NEW savoury flavour meant for use on

Steaks, Fish, Poultry, as a Pasta tossed sauce or any other cooked or BBQ'd item. 

As we grow, we will also be adding to the earth's perennial flowers that support our signature mascot, the BEE. With every order over $25, we will plant a perennial bee-friendly plant to help rebuild our bee community.


*Indulge Yourself*
Garlic Amore


Why do we call our product 'churn'?

  • Definition of churn (transitive verb): to stir or agitate violently

  • As you agitate the fat in the milk cream, the fat membranes break open, and the sticky fat will start to clump together into a ball of butter. 

  • To keep our product spreadable out of the fridge, we opted to use a butter substitute as our base actively mixing in the amazing ingredients

  • We will continue to churn out new flavours as we grown and churn out seasonal flavours.

  • As you may have noticed, we enjoy the play on words, just like how we came up with our name and the first social initiative of planting bee friendly perennials.

About Us

Our Vision Statement: Products that will create a buzz while giving back to humanity,

one small step at a time.

At BzzAmore we strive to find unique items, sustainably packaged, using reusable, recyclable or recycled packaging, and along the way, give back to the inhabitants of our planet. 


Our original product launch is dedicated to naturally flavoured buttery churn. Since Imperial delisted their famous Cinnamon Spread, we created our own recipe and added more flavours. 

We made it our mission to source Canadian ingredients and products where we could. With cinnamon as the key ingredient, we opted to go with the best, Ceylon cinnamon, as supply is available.


Every item we add to our product line, will come with a sustainability outline and a social impact outline.


We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our

quality products and our excellent service.

We will build our brand on this guarantee.


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